Uplifting lives!

Our cardinal aim is to encourage our members to cultivate savings culture and use their resources sensibly, also to be self-disciplined in financial investments and know more about capital formation for beneficial purpose.

Our Members Enjoy !

  • Low interest rates on loans
  • High annual dividends and interest on deposits
  • Instant loans
  • Affordable property with Investment Co-operative

Our mission being to unify and empower communities through the provision of inclusive, prudent and diversified financial solutions, we have put in place products and services that will enable our members to achieve their financial dreams and sort their financial issues and grow in wealth as per their desire and even exceed after saving for six months.

Why Join

Affrodable Loans
Members are empowered through the provision of affordable loans
Asset Financing
We provide investment opportunities through our asset financing loans


We foster and instill a saving culture
Financial Advice
Financial advisory services and education are provided to our members
  • I joined Unifying Sacco in 2018, I kept saving with the Sacco until I qualified for loans after 6 months. I started slowly building rental houses, the rental houses helped me so much that I was able to start a farm in Nyandarua, through the loan and rental properties Iwas able to buy a plot and start building my own house. Im now a home owner and im very happy with the Sacco and have invited my friends to join the Sacco.
  • I joined Unifying Sacco in 2012,there so many advantages of joining the Sacco, I built a culture of saving & qualified to borrow. I have built several rental buildings using my savings and loans because their repayment period is good and the intrest is also quite good. Im also a beneficialry of asset financing and their land buying scheme.
    Solomon Kamau