How to Join


  • You can fill the hardcopy membership form available at any of our branches and on our website by clicking here.
  • Or by filling online by clicking Saving and Credit Online Application , Chama / Corporate/ Group Application , Junior Account Application
  • Attach the required documents (Membership Requirements: Copy of ID, Two passport photos)
  • Deliver the filled application forms plus the required documents to the SACCO through Post Office, physical delivery at the SACCO Reception desk or through e-mail (
  • Pay the set membership registration fees at the time of application which is Kshs. 1,000, Kshs 300 for passbook and Kshs 1000 as initial savings. You can pay this amount using our paybill number 639641 with your membership number as the account number.
  • Your membership application form will be verified and registered in the system upon which a membership number is generated and given/ sent to you.


  • Every applicant for membership must be willing to save a minimum of Kshs. 1000 per month and Kshs 1000 annually as benevolent.
  • Every member shall be required to pay the prescribed share capital of Kshs. 10,000. A member should not worry about paying share capital as the Society allows members to pay in instalments until they meet their share capital requirement. It’s these shares that give you an ownership stake.
  • A member shall be given a copy of the By-laws upon request after paying the prescribed fees.
Why Us!
  • We provide loans at very low interest of 1% on a reducing balance
  • We are open to public and all sectors
  • Safety of your funds
  • Members returns on their investments
  • We provide free financial advice and members empowerment through organized members education forums.
  • Access to affordable plots and properties through Unifying Housing Co- operative
  • Insurance cover for you in the unfortunate event of death
  • We provide financial solutions to our members’ dependents
Our Shares
Once a member applies for registration, he/she must purchase a minimum of 500 shares at Kshs. 20 which sums up to a total of Kshs. 10,000. It’s these shares that give you an ownership stake. A member may at any time transfer his shares to another member but not to any other person. Such transfers must be in writing and at nominal value.
How To Make Payments
Unifying Sacco Society ltd. Paybill: 639641 Account no: membership no/ registration number Bank details Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd Account: 01120082946800 Account name: membership no/ registration number